System integration of industrial Computers by Arcobel!

System Integration

No challenge is beyond us

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Arcobel Embedded Solutions provides complete systems to a variety of customers and markets. We find it a challenge to help our customers beyond where our competitors give up.

Together with our account managers and sales support engineers, we take your needs and desires into account and work with you to create a system optimally adapted to its application. From our first contact to series production, we determine every step in our ERP system so that we can always justify and evaluate our decisions.

Whether you are after an embedded computer, a compact PCI system, an embedded CPU platform or a Panel PC system, we can take the work off your hands so that you can focus on your own field of expertise.

We carry out system integration in our production space, which is, of course, completely ESD safe. Our production staff are managed and trained by our field support engineers so that every system is assembled accorded to the agreed assembly manual and test protocol. All our systems undergo extensive tests as a standard and are double checked so that potential errors can be corrected prior to delivery.

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