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We offer different products and system integrations to every customer. This is because we are working in a niche market. The products we offer are frequently part of a crucial business process for our customers. As a result, we view the provision of support and service as essential and we will never leave you without help. We know that in order to get you on board as a customer, it is essential for you that we:

• deliver on time,
• deliver consistent quality,
• offer first line repairs,
• offer first line technical support,
• deliver on site support.

It goes without saying that we offer the standard factory guarantee provided by our suppliers. Sometimes a situation warrants the making of a longer or additional guarantee or support agreement. We are happy to discuss this with you so that we can reach a mutually agreeable solution. We then record these exceptional agreements in our ERP system so that everyone in our organization knows about them and can act upon them.

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