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Panel PC

PanelPCs, also known as “all-in-one” computer systems are used increasingly often. Arcobel has selected a wide range of panelPC systems to meet the growing demands of the industry. When selecting a panelPC system it is important to examine what the environmental conditions and user requirements are. In the food and provisions industries, for example, it is essential that systems can be cleaned easily. An IP65 front or even a full IP65 panelPC is very important. Nor should there be any edges that cannot be properly cleaned. If a panelPC system is to be used in a train, it must meet EN50115. Furthermore, it is also important that the needs of the end user and applications are properly examined.

We have extensive experience in delivering panelPC solutions for building management, MES applications, access control, fruit sorting machines, the games industry, medical applications and operator interface machinists.

You will find a selection of our products below. Please contact us for more options and let us advise u. neemcontactop

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