Industrial 10-port managed 10Gbit switch -

Industrial 10-port managed 10Gbit switch


After several years of successfully supplying the MAGBES Ethernet switch for applications on Ships, Trains, Airplanes, Vehicles, Industry and even to the International Space Station, we now can announce an expansion of this rugged switch family. The new switch called MAXBES, was developed on the request and requirements from current MPL users. New developments by the chip manufacturer allowed MPL to design a switch meeting our high standards like; long-term availability, extended temperature capability, and modularity to achieve the flexibility needed to meet the various application requirements.



  • 10 port managed 10Gbit switch
  • 8x 1Gbit en 2x SFP+ 10GBit
  • 4 of the 8 1Gbit ports can be copper or fiber
  • All ports can be on RJ45, M12, or D38999
  • open frame board solution
  • solution built in a compact rugged housing
  • IP67 solution and MIL solution
  • long-term availability,
  • extended temperature capability
  • modularity to achieve the flexibility


The MAXBES solution supports all standards you need in your network. Plan your expansion or new Ethernet network with a MPL solution that include rugged Switches, Routers as well as Firewalls. All products (SW and HW) are 100% designed and produced by MPL in Switzerland. This gives you the security you can trust. The MAXBES will available for 10+ years. If you need a solution for your project with the same BOM for the next years? No problem, this is our standard offer.



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