Transport and Rail -

Transport and Rail

EN50155, ISO 7637-2, UL555S

Transport and Rail

Computer technology is often used to make transport and rail safer and more efficient. The police and emergency services are expected to have up to date information at all times for which they make use of computers. These computers must meet specific requirements if they are to work reliably. Businesses like Google which use cars to drive around and map surroundings also make use of computer technology. And transporters of dangerous substances use increasingly advanced technology to be able to get products to their clients ever faster and more safely.


Trains are increasingly used as a viable alternative to air travel. In order to offer clients comfort and ease of travel, computer systems are used in trains offering Internet or forms of Multimedia. The computer technology used for this has to meet the extremely strict EN 50155 regulations. Arcobel has built up a great deal of expertise both on and alongside the track and we can help you either select standard products or we can assist you with extensive customized development projects.

Railway computer voor draadloze applicaties met Intel CoreI7 MEN

The Intel-based BL70W is a rugged, fanless embedded box PC that can be used as a wireless in-vehicle computer or for any other embedded transportation application.
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3U CompactPCI® PlusIO Safe Railway Computer

The F75P is a COTS safe computer with onboard functional safety that unites three CPUs on one 3U CompactPCI® PlusIO card.
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Intel® 3rd-Gen Core™ i7/i5 Fanless in-Vehicle Controller

Nuvo-3100VTS is designed with features for in-vehicle applications. It supports 8~35 VDC input and ignition power control to operate with 12V/24V car battery.
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MTCS Train Control System Controller

MH50C is the central controller of the MEN Train Control System MTCS. It is a modular system platform usable for safety-critical train applications.
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Managed switch with EN50155/61373/45545-2 verification

8 10/100TX + 4 10/100/1000T X-coded L2+ 8 PoE at/af Industrial Managed Switch w/ enhanced G.8032 Ring & PTP


Sunlight Readable Touch Screen Computer

Rugged fanless design for industrial, automotive and railway environment.The PanelPC is ultra low power consumption. Shock/Vibration proof and has a 9-36V DC wide power range, optional railway 12-150V DC.

Computer Hardware in public transportation

We delivered to a client active in public transportation in a large European city a diversity of hardware platforms. These systems are integrated in busses, trams and metro. Challenges like ignition control a readable display under all conditions are cases we successfully handled.
Systems in this area must be extremely compact due to lack of space and can handle shock, vibrations and temperature drops.
Besides delivering the right hardware we are there extension of their technical department. We help this customer to transform ideas into real solutions. We provide 1st and 2nd line technical support even on location.


Seat entertainment display EN50155 certified

For a railway company we developed together with our partners a multimedia seat entertain¬ment display unit. These units are situated in the first class coupes.
All equipment that used in commercial trains need to meet several international standards like IEC 60571, EN50155, EN 50121-3-2. We have the expertise and knowledge to accompany customer request.
We delivered to the customer 495 devices fully tested and ready to integrate in the train.


Wi-Fi in Trains

We have worked with various clients to provide them with access to Wi-Fi along high speed lines. The challenge with these products is to choose hardware that satisfies the strict EN50115 standard and that is reliable, compact and can be continued to be delivered for a long time (10 years).

We often use a mix of products from different suppliers.

Computers in Cars for Mapping Surroundings

For one of our clients who uses advanced camera technology to record their surroundings and subsequently offer this content via Google Street View, for example, we build customized, industrial computers. For this we select industrial motherboards and high performance storage so that the computer system is reliable and can do the work required of it.



  • EN50155

    Standards that must be met by electronic equipment for moving rail uses.

  • ISO 7637-2

    E-mark standard for the automobile industry.

  • UL555S

    Fire & Smoke regulations on board trains with which electronic equipment must comply.


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