Security & Surveillance -

Security & Surveillance

High Performance Video, Large Data Storage Capacity, Multiple Ethernet Connections, High MTBF

Security & Surveillance

The increasingly far reaching automation and linking of systems means that the security of computer systems is a high priority. Sophisticated cyber criminals and terrorists will always get the better of us unless we continually improve our computer protection systems. The number of DDoS attacks are proliferating rapidly and compel our society to react.


Through its extensive network and knowledge, Arcobel Embedded Solutions has access to the state of the art technology that helps organizations and governments to better secure and monitor their networks.

Highly integrated rugged Industrial Computer

The PIP38 is a low power, highly integrated rugged industrial Computer with a specially designed aluminum housing.
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Biometric Identification

So as to make automated border control a reality, we delivered industrial embedded computers to a client who wanted to use them for biometric identification. Our client required, among other things, that the hardware was trustworthy, quiet and could be delivered in identical form for a long time. We provided them with systems from the PIP series from our Swiss supplier. Nowadays, several airports around the world have begun working with this system. The traveller is recorded by the IRIS SCAN. Providing there is a positive match, the gates open.


  • High Performance Video

    High performance video systems are a must in order to do work in the surveillance and security industries.

  • Large Data Storage Capacity

    Security and monitoring are an ongoing process generating a great deal of data which needs to be saved, so that it can be analyzed for example.

  • Multiple Ethernet Connections

    Systems are typically connected via Ethernet networks.

  • High MTBF

    Systems should not crash and are often used in ill-adapted places. Therefore, high MTBF figures are a must.


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