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Research & Development

Prototype, Extensive Industrial I/O

Research & Development

Research and Development includes the complete process of process and product innovation. After research into basic principles, a prototype can be developed in a pilot phase or pilot study to examine practical applicability. Finally, a product is developed that can be commercialized.


Many of our clients use “proven standard” HW supplemented with client specific developments. Over the years we have built up a series of references and we are often used as a sparring partner in new technological developments.

3U CompactPCI® Serial Intel® Core™ i7 CPU Board

The G22 is a versatile 4HP/3U single-board computer supporting a multitude of modern serial interfaces according to the CompactPCI® Serial standard.
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Proba-V: Mini Satellite Maps Global Vegetation

The “V” in Proba-V stands for “Vegetation”. The main instrument on board makes multispectral images. It continues the observations that have been carried out for 15 years with the Vegetation on board instrument of the Spot 4 and Spot 5 satellites. Proba-V is not even a cubic metre large, but is nevertheless able to map all the vegetation on our planet. With this data, it is possible to assess the consequences of climate change, manage surface water better, follow agriculture and keep an eye on food safety, among other things. Arcobel delivered a number of different coated 3U CompactPCI cards for this satellite.

Proba V

  • Prototype

    Making a first copy or prototype is a very important part of Research and Development. We are happy to help and brainstorm with you.

  • Extensive Industrial I/O

    You will often see that there is a great range of Input and Output options.


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