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Industrial Automation

19 inch Racks, Small Form Factor, Fanless

Industrial Automation

Computer technology is often used in industrial automation. Industrial automation applications like industrial robots, process control system for the textile and printer industries, automatic systems for monitoring product quality, diagnostic systems and test environments. These computer systems come in all shapes and sizes from shoebox to rack mountable formats. In any case, the computer system used must be reliable to avoid downtime in production.


Arcobel employees have a long tradition in industrial automation and can advise you on what computer technology to choose to best meet your application.

Rugged 19″ Modular Industrial PC

The MH70I is a modular application-ready industrial PC which meets the requirements of any industrial environment.
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19″ Full IP65 Multi Touch Panel PC

IP-AN Series boasts both fully sealed stainless steel enclosure and multi touch function.

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PanelPCs for Production Monitoring

For one of our customers active in the food industry, we provided a solution of 25 panelPCs for their MES application (MES=Manufacturing execution system of a continual character). The panelPC systems are Full ip65 which means they are easily cleanable. In addition, we built in an RFID scanner so the units can only be used by authorized users with an RFID tag.


19” Racks for Automatic Production Monitoring

We created a 2U 19”rack for a large multinational that we can deliver in identical form for a long period. This client uses the system as part of a production line system for the automated testing of end products. It was important for this system that all the I/O was located on the front side of the system.
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Custom 1u industrial PC with 5 year identical hardware

We received a request from a potential customer to provide them a small high performance system with long term availability. This client mainly develops measurement systems for functional diagnostics of left/right- heart catheterization. The systems are fully integrated with a documentation and reporting system and interface with all X-ray manufacturers.


We introduced to them our Infinicore IPC system. This 1U system is equipped with a power full baseboard PWF controlled small fans and there is also space for an additional add on card. When we were in contact with the customer they would like to have small modifications to this system like removable dust filters and company logo and color.


Once approved by the customer and the certification agency’s this system will be rolled out in batches of 25 pieces up to 150 systems a year. Beside this system we also supply accessories like KVM switches, keyboards and displays.



  • 19 inch Racks

    Equipment is often installed in 19” cabinets which is why many of our systems are 19” wide.

  • Small Form Factor

    It is important to use small form factors like Mini-ITX or COM for places where there is not much space.

  • Fanless

    Reasons of maintenance and durability mean that fanless systems are a necessity.


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